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New High Glass Inc. is a European company dedicated to the development of packaging, designed with exquisite taste and refinement own industry perfumery and cosmetics.

growing and developing within the framework of the requirements of its customers, giving their products quality and excellence, seeks to establish itself as a leader in marketing perfume bottles, glass jars and bottles enamel.

Make your own style service care assistance and care that prompted the Mexican market.

in our product technology and design come together in a single link, to generate packaging sophisticated and elegant, at an affordable price for every customer "Quality to everyone."

a passion for service Mexico New High Glass print each trade event that takes, makes us innovate to meet the needs of our customers.



Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, importing high quality products, maintaining harmony in the use of cutting edge technology and personalized service to our customers, so there is value added at each stage of our negotiations.



Making Mexico New High Glass oriented to customer satisfaction, striving constantly to be a leader in the commercialization of glass and accessories for the perfume industry and cosmetics company committed extensively Company and our environment development of our people.

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